Friday, January 23, 2009

One Wish...

It's almost 8am on a Friday morning. Im very much hungover and seem to have a permanent chill... I woke up this morning at 7 despite the fact that I rolled into my bed just after 2. I woke up got a very large glass of water and let out my dog when I looked out at all the snow in my backyard I threw myself back into my not-warm-enough bed and wished for nothing else then to be on a beach. Somewhere warm and sunny and problemless.

Note: When in the hopes to be somewhere warm DO NOT go to a tanning bed for 10 minutes when you havent been in months... thats a little friendly reminder that a rosey-cheeked friend shared with me last night even though she still looked fabulous!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inspire Me

For weeks I have been waiting for the new Febuary issues of all my favorite magazines to hit news stands and yesterday I was more then delighted to see they had all arrived crispy at Indigo. I bought Vogue (forgetting I had a subscription due to my excitement), Teen Vogue (havent bought it in ages), Bazaar (my absolute favorite), In Style and Elle. But when I got home and looked at all of the new magazines I couldnt wait to rip apart I realized another had arrived at my house. Fashion magazine, something we get free because of our news paper subscription. Im not usually a big fan but the model on the cover caught my interest. She was gorgeous and had a look in her eye that was fierce like a bad ass cover girl but her beachy hair yelled casual and sweet. I immediately dropped all my other magazines and flipped through the pages of fashion to learn more about this gorgeous face.

Erin Wasson is her name and after flipping through her editorial and interview in the magazine I headed to my computer where trusty google awaited to do a search. As I searched her name I found out that she's a very successful model who has a effortless and flawless natural sense of style and her own clothing line. Not only are her perfessional photos breathtaking but what really intrigued me was her sense of street style. Rocker chic meets California beach. I dont know if its her long beachy hair or her long legs or her fearless sense of dress, but there is no doubt this girl is fabulous!