Monday, August 3, 2009

when you can not sleep

I was wasted when I met you.

I was wasted when I fucked you.

I was wasted when I loved you.

I was wasted when I fought you.

I was wasted when I pushed you.

I was wasted when I lost you.

Sober without you.

I couldn't sleep one night this week and when I got out my notebook to try and calm my mind down these words came out.

I had the most fabulous weekend of my life! On Friday night saw and met my favorite singer Paolo Nutini, who if you haven't gotten to experience his music I very much suggest it! He's amazing and I could literally feel the music coming from every part of his body. On Saturday spent the day at the beach and drove up north to visit my two best friends for a night of dancing! Sunday hung out in the small town of Sundridge and enjoyed a latte lakeside with a family of ducks and finally today involved lounging around the pool...mmm I don't want to work tomorrow.


vintageveggie said...

oh. my. god. paolo nutini is like the sexiest and most amazing singer ever! i can't image seeing him live... did he just oooooooze sex?

jules said...

This is super, I love these words and perfect with the photos.

vintageveggie said...

thank you so much for your lovely comment!

now i am even more jealous about you seeing paolo!!! isn't it amazing how sweat can be so gross until it is dripping off of a sexy man and then it is just the hottest thing ever (i experienced this once when i saw the virgins and don's sweat dripped on me a couple of times...)!

and i just wanted to say how wonderful it is to have lovely blogger friends such as yourself. things is my life are still difficult but yes, pic nicing and blogging always make me feel better. thanks for being there!