Friday, October 23, 2009

30 Second Romances

I have these romances on a weekly basis. While driving to/from school, or on the highway or while driving down a country road... I catch the eyes of the cutie in the car beside me.

Our eyes meet, we have that unsure awkward moment then we grow comfortable and the flirting, smiling and winking begins. There's butterflies and a rush of excitement.

Then one of us pulls a little ahead causing the other to speed up and follow or one of us slows down in hopes to keep the excitement there and the relationship fresh and surprising.

But eventually the excitement is over, we grow tired of the game and we turn our attention back to the road. We go our separate ways and life goes on. It was fun though!


vintageveggie said...

this is a lovely pastime.

Mary Jane said...

nice story

electric feel said...

i love that story!
fantastic pics!

btw great header image!