Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I had a leather tailor add the sleeves to this H&M utility jacket. I have worn this jacket more than anything else in my closet expect for maybe a pair of my favorite jeans. It has been the best 29.99 I have ever spent and I'm going to predict the sleeves will be the best 200.00 I'll ever spend. I got the sleeves added because I need leather on everything. I have a thing for leather and leather sleeves and utility jackets. 

Oh and Happy Valentines Day! Way to go!

Jacket: H&M jacket + leather sleeves, Sweat: Zara, Shorts: H&M, Shoes: Aldo


Sequined Touch said...

I love that sweater:))
new follower:))
much love

Style und Sein said...

the combination is great, like the colors and the style.

http://www.styleundsein.de :)

jenni said...

I really like your style! Detailed and minimalistic! Following!

sophi said...