Saturday, September 1, 2012

the wishlist

Balenciaga Egyptofunk Tees

Chloe Ankle Boots

Rag and Bone Boots

What I am currently craving at the moment. I have wanted a Balenciaga tee for a while but alas they are all sold out online and at Holts here in Canada. Fingers crossed I find one in NYC in a couple weeks! And as for the most important piece of my fall wardrobe the boots. Undecided if I should stick to what I know and get the Rag and Bone Newburys in black leather or these amazing Chloe boots...Thoughts?


Selene said...

LOVE THE BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!


Vera Cortez said...

Hi!!! Thank you for following my blog, now I'm also following yours via GFC and also Bloglovin!!! You have a great style and an amazing blog, Love it!!

Kisses, Vera

Aleksandra said...

This first t shirt is on my wish list too :)