Thursday, February 19, 2009

You Are Smokin

Now we all know smoking is bad for you and kills you and blah blah blah and I was always very much against smoking myself until one day I looked at my scrap book that is filled with magazine pictures and editorials and realized what almost all of them had in common, a cigarette.
When my parents used to teach me about peer pressure and smoking they made it seem like I would be surrounded by a group of kids saying "do this or your not cool", yeah that never happened.. But if these few pictures aren't peer pressure then I don't know what is..

Almost all of these were found on its one of my favorite blogs.


c kirley said...

gorgeous photos, i love lesmokingimage as well!

love your blog!

Mackenzie Yeates said...

haha I read that blog too.

we should just smoke those fake cigarettes mr. laidlaw used to have in drama class

Grace said...

Ahaha Mack just so you know I stole some of those and I legitly stand in my mirror pretending I'm smoking....

We can be super cool together if you want one.